Welcome to my class webpage! As a parent, I know how involved you want to be in your child’s education.  I hope that this website serves as a tool in being a positive influence in that journey. My goal for students is to become independent thinkers, efficient problem-solvers and, of course, lifelong learners.  The way I will ensure this in my classroom is by higher-level questioning, positive comments & consistent praise and, most important to me, high expectations.  I believe that my students will perform at the level at which I hold them. I believe that parent/teacher communication is vital to the success of your child’s education.  I will do my very best to keep you well informed of everything that goes on in my classroom.  I will give updates via my class webpage, notes home, telephone calls, and emails.  All I ask is that you do the same- keep me informed.  It is important that your child know that you and I are a team, that we constantly communicate and that your child is extremely important to both of us!