M&Ms and the Scientific Method

Published September 21, 2012 by Mindi Vandagriff

M&Ms image used in accordance with the Creative Commons License. 

This week in Science, I wanted to introduce my students to the Scientific Method in a fun and engaging way. What better way to do that than with chocolate? I showed my students a bag of M&Ms and asked them if there was anything that they’d like to know about what was inside. They responded with questions like:

“How many M&Ms are in the bag?”

“What colors of M&Ms are in the bag?”

“How many of each color are there?”

“How much does the bag of M&Ms weigh?”

“How much does each M&M weigh?”

I wrote all of these questions on the board and then we chose a question that we were going to definitely answer by opening the bag of M&Ms. Students REALLY wanted to know “How many M&Ms are in the bag?” (It was actually a decent size bag) But before I opened the bag and actually counted the M&Ms, I had students guess the number of M&Ms they thought were in the bag. I then introduced the scientific term HYPOTHESIS, which means a careful guess. Students made their own hypothesis about how many M&Ms were in the bag. One student guessed correctly: 120 M&Ms.

Next, students broke into small groups and I gave each group a bag of M&Ms. They each came up with a question they wanted to answer by opening the bag of M&Ms. Once they made their hypothesis, they opened their bags, gathered their data and eventually answered their own questions.

And then of course…. we ate them.

Take a look below at some engaged students as we learn about the Scientific Method with M&Ms.



You can access the “M&Ms and the Scientific Method” full lesson plan by clicking here.


One comment on “M&Ms and the Scientific Method

  • You ROCK Mrs. Vandagriff!!! I bet the kids had a so much fun with M&M’s in science! I’m a weee bit jealous you didn’t send me any leftovers, though! ;D

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