Reading is by far one of my favorite things to do. This year, I want to try to help my students love reading as much as I do. I do not believe in making my students read, instead my focus is on self-selected reading where students read what they want. I want my students to read the way you and I read before we went to bed last night. It is important to encourage children to read rather than making them read.

Each year, I show my students a video titled “Gotta Keep Reading”. The students at Ocoee Middle School in FLorida created a flash mob about reading. The staff hired a group to rewrite the lyrics to the popular Black-Eyes Peas song “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night.” The production team from Full Sail University was called in to film the video. It just so happens that I am getting my Master’s Degree in Educational Media Design and Technology from Full Sail University! Oprah featured the flash mob video on her show where the video gained its popularity.

What do you think about the video? Does it look like these students LOVE reading? Leave a comment and tell me what this video means to you!


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