Implementing technology with 21st century learners is one of my highest priorities. However, I always keep content before the tool– which means I place learning above the technology implementation. Our class is very fortunate to have access to such abundant technology. Thank you Anna ISD for supporting our tech geniuses!

Check out some of the technology we use in our classroom:

Promethean Board (interactive whiteboard)


More than just a projector, this interactive whiteboard expand our classroom beyond walls. We are globally connected students!



Outside of the classroom, students have a device in their hands a majority of the time. Why not put one in their hands while they’re at school, too?


One of my most favorite things to say to students instead of “Please turn in your assignment” is “Please PUBLISH your PROJECT!”

Touchscreen Laptops

(equipped with Google Apps for Education)


Collaboration is essential to long-term learning, and with devices like these ASUS touch screen laptops, students share at the tip of their fingers…. literally.



We are a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) district. Students bring their devices and are taught digital citizenship and responsible use with their very own devices!


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